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We guarantee the correct and mostly safe loading, unloading, transportation and lifting.


With Safety, Economy, Reliability, Fast & Sure Result.


Our state-of-the-art equipment, our fleet of trucks and the specially trained staff we have, can guarantee the safe and responsible transportation of any kind.
• Machinery
• Home or business equipment
• Oversized loads
• Vehicles
• Boats


With experience, modern equipment and trained staff we perform consistently and quickly any kind of work.
We have state-of-the-art cranes and we are able to undertake all kinds of lifts.
• Tanks
• Vehicles
• Boats
• Industrial and construction materials etc.
We study your every need and give the most correct and complete solution.

Specialised Transport

Our experience, our consistency and the appropriate equipment, make us the leader of our competition and to be able to carry out with guaranteed success any special transfer even under adverse conditions:
• Heavy machinery
• Agricultural and construction machinery
• Trucks
• Overweight loads etc.
Adhering to all the necessary safety regulations, we respond to your every need, offering you the most competitive prices.

Placements machinery - Manouvrodouleies

Our specialization and the appropriate tools at our disposal allow us to perform maneuvers with a precision of a millimeter.

Hoisting - boat launch

We undertake with professionalism the safe lifting, transport and launching of boats, with excellently damaged pilots and observing strict specifications.

Fixed basket lifting personnel

Our fleet of vehicles includes state-of-the-art basket trucks that have valid certificates of good operation and vary in dimensions so that you can choose exactly what you need.

Fixed rotating basket lifting personnel

In addition, we have vehicles with a rotating basket at various heights, which can meet every particularity of the work you want to perform.

Meditations - Distributions

With our certified trucks, we provide distribution and collection services, guided by the delivery of products with speed and safety.

Storage of machinery or any other objects in indoor or outdoor guarded space.

Storage of machinery or any other objects in indoor or outdoor guarded space.

Our storage spaces are properly configured so that we can provide you with safe storage of your belongings.

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